A civilization (US) or civilisation (UK) is any complex society characterized by urban development, symbolic communication forms (typically, writing systems), and a perceived separation from and domination over the natural environment by a cultural elite. Civilizations are intimately associated with and often further defined by other socio-politico-economic characteristics, including centralization, the domestication of both humans and other organisms, specialization of labor, culturally ingrained ideologies of progress and supremacism, monumental architecture, taxation, societal dependence upon farming as an agricultural practice, and expansionism.

Historically, a civilization was a so-called "advanced" culture in contrast to more supposedly primitive cultures. In this broad sense, a civilization contrasts with non-centralized tribal societies, including the cultures of nomadic pastoralists or hunter-gatherers. As an uncountable noun, civilization also refers to the process of a society developing into a centralized, urbanized, stratified structure.

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The Fascinating History of Ancient Corinth (Video)

Ancient Origins 14 Apr 2024
Ancient Corinth, strategically positioned between Athens and Sparta, traces its roots to mythical narratives and archaeological evidence dating back to around 6500 BC ... Intrigues and Conquests in Ancient Greece ... Ancient Corinth's intricate tapestry of myth, conquest, and political intrigue reflects the complexities of ancient Greek civilization....

Fall of Civilizations by Paul Cooper review — how great empires decline and fall

The Times/The Sunday Times 14 Apr 2024
He says we should not suppose that our own civilisation has any more right to survive for ever than did its ancient predecessors ... His podcast Fall of Civilizations has garnered more than 100 million downloads since its launch in 2019....

Rooks: Something universal in the eclipse moment

Seacoast Online 14 Apr 2024
I’ve not often driven north in recent years, but a total eclipse seemed more than enough reason ... I thought of ancient civilizations, some believing eclipses foretold the end of the world; the lights seemed ominous ... It doesn’t seem nearly enough ... After the Civil War, we marked April 12, the day batteries fired on Fort Sumter....

Elise commentary: To sleep, perchance to … well, sleep

Amarillo Globe-News 14 Apr 2024
We’ve been told every which way why we need that much time, both to feel good and to maintain excellent health ... (Both? How?) ... (Well, duh ... (Hot water bottles have been around since ancient civilizations, so why don’t they work in the 21st century? And what do these things do, other than make you too hot to sleep and possibly catch on fire? J’accuse!)....

Emblematic Ancient Theatre of Delphi To Undergo New Restoration

Greek Reporter 13 Apr 2024
The emblematic ancient Greek theatre of Delphi, where the Pythian Games took place in antiquity ... An ancient site of unique importance and impact. As described by UNESCO, the archaeological site of Delphi bears a unique testimony to the religion and civilization of ancient Greece but also had an immense impact throughout the ancient world....

A new game changer

The News International 13 Apr 2024
The ancient Gandhara civilization of 2,500 years belongs to the northern part of present-day Pakistan ... Once, the area that is now the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, used to be a significant part of the great Gandhara in ancient times....

New Barrier Reef Find Proves Australians Didn’t Learn Pottery from Europe

Ancient Origins 13 Apr 2024
The finds herald the start of a much deeper insight into the rich tapestry of ancient maritime civilizations in the region ... This revelation underscores the tantalizing prospect of uncovering further evidence that could significantly enrich our understanding of the region's ancient maritime civilizations and their interconnectedness....

mBit Casino: Crypto-Exclusive Online Casino for Bitcoin Gambling Complete Review – Is It Legit?

Daily Camera 13 Apr 2024
In online gambling, the rise of cryptocurrency has started a new era of innovation, privacy, and accessibility ... Visit official website to learn about Mbit Casino >>> ... Whether you’re a fan of ancient civilizations, outer space adventures, or classic fruit machines, mBit Casino’s diverse slots library has something for everyone ... Mr....

Randall Carlson interviewed by Mike Adams - Comet Impacts, Ancient Civilizations and Geological SEC

Bitchute 12 Apr 2024
Go to the source via the article link to view the video or lcik the video icon .......

Six Things That Made the Colosseum Unique (Video)

Ancient Origins 12 Apr 2024
The Colosseum, an architectural marvel in Rome, is renowned for its unique features that set it apart from other ancient structures ... Its enduring legacy serves as a reminder of the ingenuity and craftsmanship of ancient civilizations, continuing to inspire awe and admiration in the modern world....

Who Were The Maya Snake Kings?

IFL Science 12 Apr 2024
The ancient Maya civilization is often erroneously described as an empire, when in reality it was made up of numerous disjointed polities, united by a shared culture but divided by allegiances to multiple rulers and vast swathes of impenetrable jungle....

How Did the Ancient Greeks and Romans Do Banking?

Greek Reporter 12 Apr 2024
The ancient Greeks devised a banking system which went on to influence the Ptolemies and the Romans ... Modern Western culture owes a huge debt to the ancient Greeks and Romans, being that writing, religion, government, and all types of art came to medieval Europe through these ancient civilizations ... The Ancient Greek Bank of Athena....

The Incessant Love of Tai Ji Men’s Shifu and Shimu

Bitter Winter English 12 Apr 2024
Allow me now to share my interests in ancient civilizations ... Istanbul #2461 on display at the Museum of the Ancient Orient in Istanbul, Türkiye ... It is then proper to dedicate the Sumerian love poem, the most ancient love poem of humanity not only in remembrance of the departed Shimu, but to celebrate the incessant love that brought Dr....